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The Motoplex Story

In the late 60’s the state of Washington closed down one of its liquor store locations along Scriber Lake Road. The location reopened in March of 1970, not as a state liquor store, but as a motorcycle dealership.

Professional hockey brought Jim Powers Sr. down from Canada where he had played for the Seattle Totems and the Vancouver Canucks. Upon retiring Jim Sr. changed gears opening up a Yamaha dealership that has since grown, and grown.

The original store location boasted 3,500 square feet, but in six months Powers had to move the store and opted for a location along WA-99 that doubled his size to 7,500 square feet. That lasted until 1999 when Powers made a big step and a major splash on Hwy 99 moving his store to the old Jack Roberts appliance center providing the dealership with 32,000 square feet. Today they carry Yamaha, KTM, Polaris Victory, Indian, Kawsaki, Sea-Doo, Family Sport and Surf boats from Yamaha, Centurion and Supreme

Throughout that time the dealership has been a family affair. “I actually ran the store myself in the beginning putting the ‘back in 15 minutes’ sign on the door anytime I had to go to the bank or the restroom” says Powers. But slowly he got help from his wife and kids, and today his sons , Garrett and Jim Jr. manage various aspects of the store, while his daughter, Janice, functions as the book keeper.

'JUMBO' Jim Powers, a Big Part of Hockey in Seattle and a Seattle Hockey Hall of Famer



Seattle Totems 1962-63.jpg

1962-63 Seattle Totems

Back: Gerry Lonn, Dick Bielous, Rudy Filion, Don Ward, Bill MacFarland, Keith Allen, George Konik Middle: Barney Krake, Bob Barlow, Bob Sabourin,Jim Hay, Jim Powers,Gerry Leonard, Lou Kazowski Front: Wayne Hall, GordieSinclair,AlMillar, Guyle Fielder, Don Chiupka

Seattle Totems 1963-64.jpg

1963-64 Seattle Totems

Back: Del Topoll, Jim Powers, Jim Hay, Larry Zeidel, Bill MacFarland, Don Ward, Larry Hale, Tom Burgess, Gerry Leonard,Bill Carter, Dick BielousFront: Gerry Lonn, Bob Barlow, Guyle Fielder, Gordie Sinclair, Claude Dufour, Bev Bell, Bob Sabourin, Jean-Marie Cossette, Keith Allen

Seattle Totems 1964-65.jpg

1964-65 Seattle Totems

Back: Keith Allen, Dick Bielous, Jim Powers, Gerry Leonard, Chuck Holmes, Mo Mantha,

Don Ward,Larry Hale, Larry Zeidel,Bill Dineen, Danny O’Brien, Gerry Lonn

Front: Bob Barlow, Jean-Marie Cossette, Gerry Brisson, Ray Kinasewich,

Jim McLeod, Bill MacFarland, Guyle Fielder, Gordie Sinclair, Bob Sabourin

Seattle Totems 1965-66.jpg

1965-66 Seattle Totems

Back: Dick Bielous, Gerry Leonard, Les Hunt, Bill Dineen, Larry Hale, Don Ward, Larry Lund, Earl Heiskala, Jim Powers, Bob Taylor, Gerry Lonn Front: Ernie Wakely, Gordie Sinclair, Adam Keller, Bill MacFarland, Keith Allen, Guyle Fielder, Bobby Kromm, Ken Campbell, Don Chiz, Len Haley, Jim McLeod

Seattle Totems 1966-67.jpg

1966-67 Seattle Totems

Back: Jim Powers, Don Chiz, Jean Gauthier, Pat Quinn, Bob Lemieux, Noel Picard, Larry Lund,Chuck Holmes Middle: Dick Bielous, Howie Hughes, Jim Paterson, Don Fedun, Les Hunt, Bill Dineen, Earl Heiskala, Bill SheppardFront: Jim Armstrong, Guyle Fielder, Bill MacFarland, Gerry Leonard, Murray Costello, Don Ward, Jim McLeod

Seattle Totems 1968-69.jpg

1968-69 Seattle Totems

Back: Chuck Holmes, Gary Kilpatrick, Ray Larose, Art Stratton, Don Ward, Earl Heiskala, Jim Powers

Middle: Rudy Filion, Ken Rodgers, Don Chiz, Marc Boileau, Jack Michie, John Hanna, Bill Dineen, Pat Dunn

Front: Bob Courcy, Don Head, Bill MacFarland, Guyle Fielder, Murray Costello, Jim Armstrong, Gerry Leonard